The Bodyworker Story:

Prior to beginning my massage practice, I had been a producing local access tv show for a number of years. I got the idea that if people knew more about massage, they would take advantage of it, so I tried doing a regular hour session in the studio. Our first show was aired July 4th, 1994, and I got five new clients that day! From then on, my crew and I would gather at the studio once a month and shoot two sessions, which aired during primetime twice a week. By 2004 we had produced over 200 shows/sessions, including guest practitioners occasionally, and often clients who had emailed their wish to be on the show. The result was that I attracted a very diverse client base and gained experience across many different social/economic groups; it also served to bring people who had ‘tried everything’ and had lost hope. In the end I stopped doing the show because the management at the station made creating a safe space in the studio impossible, which was a pre-requistite for therapeutic sessions. I am in the process of uploading more of the shows; here are several that provide a look at the show over the years. Enjoy!

Kevin Roberts hosts the world’s premiere massage show, The Bodyworker, recorded in 2003 and broadcast on ACTV.

Kevin still practices east of Austin in Kimbro (Manor, Texas). Specializing in Advanced Massage and Healing.

Jon Sullivan works with Deborah. Jon has been a colleague and friend for 20+ years and is guest host for this special episode!

Kevin works with Lonnie doing a Zen Shiatsu session, recorded in 2001.

Kevin works with Don, a recent massage school graduate, demonstrating some principles of Zero Balancing. Kevin studied with Fritz Smith, the founder of ZB, but is NOT a certified ZB practitioner. ZB is a wonderful modality that uses the bones and ligaments to create health and mobility.

Kevin works with Lisa to help reorganize organs and muscles after giving birth and now caring for an infant. Recorded in 1997 on Mother’s Day.

In memory of Sally, who left us a few years ago. She was a tireless worker and regular crew member for many years, as well as a good friend. Peace be with her. Originally aired in 1994.

One of the earliest Bodyworker shows, originally aired in 1994. Kevin receives manual lymph drainage therapy!