The Kimbro Store Retreat and Massage is a sacred space built from the old Kimbro Store in the 150 year old farming town of Kimbro (Manor, Texas). Kevin Roberts has practiced Massage, Bodywork and Healing since 1993. Kevin is a well known massage therapist/healer and the developer of somaZen Bodymind Integration. His work is well chronicled on the The Bodyworker series which aired for 10 years on ACTV where he was the host and producer. He is now in private practice east of Austin and can be reached at 512-451-4121.

“Just as a physician who does not have access to the soul of his patient cannot be of any real help to him, so also one cannot be a good priest without being at the same time a physician, because the body and soul are intermingled and it is often impossible to cure the one when the cause of the illness lies in the other.” Gurdjieff, Meetings with Remarkable Men, p53